Ferrari California Reluctantly Sold

So after covering 8,000 miles in my beautiful Ferrari California I have decided to sell. I do get bored with cars pretty quickly but my main reason for selling is my concern over the future value of the car after the new Ferrari California T is launched.

Also, I’m not too happy with the state of the bodywork. Ever since my European Monaco trip in May 2014 there have been a number of insect debris stuck onto the front of the car. Although I have spent a small fortune on getting the car back to near-perfect condition I cannot get away from the fact that the front of the car looks terrible. I have been told by Graypaul Birmingham that a total front respray is the only option.

Ferrari’s are pretty difficult to sell privately so I decided to ring around a number of dealers to see who could come up with the best price. All the official dealers were about the same price, however and independent dealer TOP555 offered my more than the best official dealer offer. The owner of TOP555 came to view the car and after looking at the paintwork he was immediately put off and would not even make me an offer.

Graypual made the next best offer so I contacted them and their buyer came to see me a couple of days later. The buyer took a quick look at the car and was happy. A cheque was written there and then and I drove the car to Graypaul Birmingham and that was that.

Shortly after purchasing the car I had a Capristo exhaust fitted. I had approval from Ferrari UK to fit the exhuast on the understanding that it would be put back on the car when sold. I upheld this agreement and Graypaul swapped the exhaust back to the original.

I’m sad to see the Ferrari California go and I hope that I have not made a bad decision. I now don’t have a day-to-day car but I’m sure I’ll have fun looking for a replacement.

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